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About "Si Se Puede"

Labor of Love - Julia Ramey, Houston Press, March 27, 2008

" Tata Dios, a duet superbly danced by Sandra Organ Solis and Richard Hubscher, was set to Valariano Trejo’s song of the same title, sung by Linda Ronstadt. ...

[Organ] Solis’ choreography seamlessly linked fluid passages of movement with shapes and gestures that while abstract, evoked a language of meaning all their own. ...

[Organ] Solis is a dancer who turns as if sustained by a current of air, effortlessly revolving in space. Her finely honed technique coupled with her nuanced stage presence were a delight to watch.

The second section, a solo danced by Gumaro Armando Silva, was set to a spoken word score by Diego Davalos that included Chavez’ own words. [Organ] Solis’ choreography didn’t give way to pantomiming the text, but rather illuminated the myriad spectrum of feelings in the words. ... The subject matter, in addition to being historical, possesses a certain timely relevance. Leaders like Chavez seem to be rare and poignantly missing from our present culture. In Solis’ capable artistic hands, the longer version will no doubt be a work for Houston audiences not to miss. "

“Si Se Puede” Illuminates an American Icon: Talento Bilingüe de Houston presents new work from the Sandra Organ Dance Company by Michele Brangwen 4/3/2007

About I Have a Dream

Sandra Organ Dance Company Celebrates Black History Month with "I Have a Dream" at Zilkha Hall at the Hobby Center - Nancy Wozny, Dancehunter Blog, February 13, 2005

About Musica Celestis

"one of the most memorable performances was “Lament,” in which Sandra Organ joined Mireya Gamez and Yolanda Gibbs onstage. Although many audience members couldn’t help but focus on Organ’s effortless moves, the company’s namesake allowed her students to shine. Each had her own solo within the number, highlighting her individual abilities as a dancer."

"during “Elements.” The dancing trio comprised of Marcelo de Sa Martins, Patrick Willison and David Armendariz did not falter either as they left the audience energized"

--Leticia Vasquez, UH Today News, April 2004

"For Celestial Music, the night's big finale to Aaron Jay Kernis' lovely orchestral composition Musica Celestis, Organ deftly swept 17 bodies across the stage in swift runs that circled and morphed into pleasing lines. The red-orange costumes added intensity and enhanced the movement's flow."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, April 2004

About An Enchanted Evening with SODC

"Morningstar. Also on the abstract front, but with a blissful attitude, was one of Sandra Organ's most powerful works. Set pleasingly to very danceable new music by Paul Stanhope, it was elegant, smartly structured and uplifting."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, September 2003

Organ company gives pleasant performance

"Organ's intriguing Seven Story Mountain, a work for four dancers, was one of the finest." "It was starkly universal..."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, February 2001

Company adds meaning to its repertoire....

"With a landmark program and performance at the Heinen Theatre on Saturday, Sandra Organ Dance Company raised the barre for Houston's dance scene. Bravo! The company is just three seasons old, but it looked as polished as a national touring company in its newest pieces."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, October 2000

"The Houston contemporary dance scene is maturing to a new level and the bridge has been laid by Sandra Organ Dance Company, led by former Houston Ballet soloist, Sandra Organ. Although the company is only a year old, the dancers are mature and sure-footed. Besides knowing how to choose and direct dancers, Organ also shows choreographic promise."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, January 1999

Double Takes

"Organ also presented Double Takes, a pair of inventive pas de deux contrasting pointe work and non-pointe work. Ballo and Pont were smooth as silk in the lst, sexy first section and the second couple brought great energy to the perky, jazzy section. The piece ended with both couples onstage, mixing up waltz, tango, hip gyrations on pointe and more with a humorous nod to the lyrics 'it's all just a little bit of history repeating itself'."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, January 1999


"Lamentations is a narrative work originally created for Episcopal High School, depicting the Old Testament story of a warrior named Jephte who -after vowing to sacrifice anything that come first through the gates on his return home in exchange for a battlefield glory- is forced to kill his only daughter. This is a story with potential as a full length contemporary ballet. This early piece of it was a good start, danced cleanly and with the right mix of spirit and poignancy. Two of Organ's influences were clear: the sweeping open leg and arm gestures of Alvin Ailey and the flex footed steps and limp-legged lifts of Christopher Bruce."

--Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, January 1999

Songs of Wonder

"Organ's choreography came up with some lively, freewheeling interludes, danced with sharpness and spirit."

--Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, October 1998

Sabbath Day

"Also memorable was Kingwood Dance Theatre's (TX) engaging Sabbath Day, based on traditional Shaker chants and spirituals, reminiscent perhaps of a Doris Humphrey work, but successfully choreographed in its own right by Sandra Organ."

--Barbara Crockett, Dance Teacher Now, November 1997

All That You Have Is Your Soul

"Sandra Organ, who recently retired as soloist from Houston Ballet, is one to watch. Her All That You Have Is Soul features Tracy Chapman's torchy songs and five dancers. The dancers moved in a free style, arms often up, legs up in the air, as they responded to Chapman's recorded narrative of fearful abuses in the night, of confrontations with the police, of racial tension. Moving through a troubled life span, they contended that all you have is your soul. Organ has assembled able dancers and has ideas both intellectual and choreographic."

--Anne Holmes, Houston Chronicle, September 1997

Between Us

"The first program called Dance Salad turned a deserved spotlight on an upcoming choreographer, Sandra Organ of Houston Ballet, who wisely used some of her gifted company members in her new work."

--Anne Holmes, Houston Chronicle, May 1996

Prelude to the Spirit

"Prelude to the Spirit was a good five-part piece by Sandra Organ using Barbara Hendrick's singing of Negro spirituals and George Gershwin's Preludes. Casting four women and three men, Organ created a lively atmosphere, with a thread of vignette (a woman loses her floppy hat, another finds it and wears it) she held her casual movements together with an easy camaraderie and a gamboling randomness."

--Anne Holmes, Houston Chronicle, October 1991


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